Future viability through automation of industrial processes

The future of industrial production lies in automatisation. Manufacturing processes are to be designed safely and efficiently, detached from workers. Automation is the driving force behind Industry 4.0, but you can already benefit significantly from partially or fully automated processes. Optimised workflows make your production processes more cost-efficient and increase your competitiveness. Set yourself up for the future and gain crucial advantages through automation. We are the right point of contact for this. 


We are automatisation experts

As experts in the field of automatisation, we have mastered the perfect interplay of actuators and sensors. For your automatisation solution, we rely on standardised components from our long-term partners to guarantee durability and reliability for your system. 

Based on your requirements, we advise you on the various options in the field of process automation: starting with designing the degree of automation through to the finished concept. 

We attach great importance to transparent cooperation and are happy to involve you directly in the planning process in order to integrate your experiences relating to your production processes into a complete automatisation concept. 

Whether it’s integrating automatisation processes into an existing system, increasing the level of automatisation or developing completely new systems and production lines, we look forward to your challenge. 

Intelligent & fully automatic press for the assembly of printed circuit boards 


Automatisation: interaction of measuring, control and regulation

The automation of processes is the interaction of a wide variety of techniques. The more complex the finished system is, the more important it is that the individual mechanical and electrotechnical elements of the machine communicate correctly. 


Measure and check processes

The basic prerequisite is constant measuring and testing. It is about monitoring the production process and the individual work steps and identifying any deviations or errors that occur. A coherent measurement concept is crucial for this – an area that is one of our core competences. 


Control processes

In process control, the sensors work closely together with the actuator. Intelligent control is required for the systems to interact successfully. Our programmers are able to design even complex systems efficiently and safely and to automate your process through logical control. 


Control operation for processes

In cooperation with the sensor technology, there is the possibility of further developing the control system and creating a control concept. In doing so, the intelligent system uses the incoming information and adapts to the changed parameters or corrects them to readjust the process. This enables greater flexibility and guarantees even more efficient production. 


Degree of automatisation: what is the right way?

Not every workstation can be fully automated overnight. 

Even if there are concerns about full automation, partially automated systems are an option whose degree of automation can be individually adapted to the customer’s requirements and wishes. 

In the first step, positioning systems, testing equipment and programmes for data acquisition and processing can be integrated into manual workstations. This not only makes the employee’s work easier, but it also ensures the quality of the end product. 

Partial automatisation

Process reliability is supported by targeted plant management. The work steps are visually displayed in a way that is individually adapted to your process. We integrate a wide variety of tools into the workstation and control the production of your products according to defined parameters. This also includes, for example, the handling and positioning/locking of components of different shapes, sizes and weights. Integrated measuring and control systems support the worker and ensure process-reliable work. 


Full automatisation

Do you want to fully automate your process? At Dimensionics, we’ll develop the right concept for your specific application. Whether it’s a simple machine or a complete production line, our goal is to make your process safe in terms of cycle time, accuracy and reproducibility. 

Our technicians are versed in various programming languages. This also allows us to expand existing systems and automate existing processes by integrating hardware. 

You also receive digital documentation of all process sequences and core parameters. This makes all processes transparent for you and your QM department – this is especially important in combination with possible measurement concepts

Rely on an automatisation partner that enables you to achieve greater efficiency and security for your processes and thus greater future viability for your company.