DISIONIC BEARING: Fully automated bearing clearance measurement

DISIONIC BEARING is used to test the bearing clearance of roller bearings – especially cylindrical roller bearings – in accordance with ISO 1132-2. It primarily impresses thanks to its speed and precision. Due to the numerous customisation options – including the fully automatic loading and unloading of parts – and the pre-existing wide range of supported storage types, the DISIONIC BEARING offers a broad field of potential applications.

Automated, fast and precise

The system has been developed for fully automated operation in a production environment. The loading and unloading of components can also be fully automated through expansion options, thus offering the user the option of integrating the system into existing production lines. A crucial advantage of DISIONIC BEARING is its high flexibility. Currently, 645 different bearing types are supported, all of which can be inspected fully automatically. However, this number can be adapted and expanded to include other bearing types at the customer’s request.

This is of particular interest for

  • Manufacturers of roller bearings (outgoing inspection)
  • Incoming goods inspection (vehicle manufacturer)
  • Automotive industry and rail vehicles
  • Drive technology and aviation

Properties of DISIONIC Bearing

In order to make your process secure, DISIONIC BEARING takes over assessing the quality of your bearings. The system scores particularly when it comes to precision and speed. The repeatability of the measurements is an unrivalled 0.4 μm, with a maximum cycle time of 28 seconds per workpiece. For measuring the enormously wide range of different bearing types, it is only necessary to convert a maximum of 2 components. This can be implemented by one person without much effort.

DISIONIC BEARING offers the highest precision and unrivalled repeatability when measuring. For best results, we combine the best features of tactile and optical measuring technology. The measurements are carried out in a way that is gentle on the material and keeps it free of damage. The data is prepared for the user and can be transferred to a higher-level ERP system.


  • Designed for fully automated production environments
  • Measurement of radial internal clearance in accordance with ISO 1132-2 section 16.1 method A
  • Very high number of variants – designed for 645 different bearing types
  • Internal clearance of cylindrical roller bearings with repeatability of 0.4 μm


  • Reliable system with tried and tested standard components established on the market
  • Fast and highly accurate determination of the bearing clearance
  • Measurement of radial internal clearance in accordance with ISO 1132-2 section 16.1 method A
  • Fully automated measuring process
  • Greater transparency for your process
  • Increase the quality of your products
  • Recording statistics and logging processes for internal QM

You too can opt for DISIONIC BEARING

The DISIONIC BEARING impresses thanks to its adaptability. The wide range of different bearing types (see technical data) offers the possibility of comprehensive testing. Is the bearing type you want not yet supported? Or do you want fully automated loading, unloading and set-up of the system? No problem – we can adapt the system to your tasks and expand the existing range of functions according to your specifications.

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You still have questions about the product?