DISIONIC CASE: The best protection for your sensors

The DISIONIC CASE is a customisable and freely configurable protective case for optical sensors. The innovative design and robust construction allow for measuring technology to be used reliably and safely even under the most difficult conditions. The high adaptability of this product makes it possible to reliably protect optical sensors of any design from external influences and to make your production process safer.

Process reliability in perfection

Oil, dust or moisture: measurement on the shop floor has to take place in environments that are anything but favourable for optical measuring technology. The DISIONIC CASE is the perfect solution for in-process measurements. Check your components already during production with full sensor protection. The DISIONIC case provides reliable protection from manufacturing influences resulting from lathing or grinding processes. These include, for example, oil mist, dust, cooling lubricants and chips. The functional or protective housing keeps sensors permanently operational and your shop floor functional.

Areas of application in the following industries

  • Production industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Metalworking
  • Tool production
  • Biotechnology


  • Measurement of ultra-thin external diameters
  • Measurement of gap dimensions
  • Measurement of internal diameters
  • Determining the eccentricity
  • Positioning

DISIONIC CASE properties

The robust design and the intelligent combination of mechanical and pneumatic elements of the DISIONIC CASE ensure optical measuring technology is operational in all manufacturing situations as well as absolutely particle-free, waterproof and airtight storage of your sensors. At the same time, the measuring technology always remains protected from contamination by external influences. The shutter technology of the DISIONIC CASE developed by us enables targeted and controlled measurement. Since the enclosures can be freely configured, we can adapt them to any installation situation. This means that the casing is tailored exactly to your needs and you can carry out your measurements efficiently and safely. The sensor can be integrated directly into the production process together with the casing. This enables direct measurement in the production process without reclamping.



  • Ideal for in-process measurement
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Permanent operability of the measuring sensors
  • Efficient work without reclamping
  • Individually customisable
  • Can be integrated into existing processes
  • Protection from external influences

The benefits for you

  • Reliable system with tried and tested standard components established on the market
  • More safety for your process and your technology
  • Protecting the sensors from damage resulting from external influences
  • More efficient work (measurement already in the process)
  • Higher process reliability
  • Reduction of time costs
  • Minimising error sources and reducing the complaint rate
  • Reduction of rejects and special releases

The DISIONIC CASE offers optimal protection for your sensors and allows you to make your production process even more efficient by performing the optical inspection of your workpieces during production. Detect errors at an early stage of the process or check your workpieces during production. With the DISIONIC CASE and the matching sensor, this is no longer a problem. The innovative design enables unprecedented process monitoring and gives you the opportunity to use your resources more sparingly. Discover the new possibilities for optimising your manufacturing processes.

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