DISIONIC CIRCLE: Fast and mobile inscribed circle measurement

The DISIONIC CIRCLE is a fast and mobile inscribed circle measuring device using a contactless optical measuring method for serial production of large-volume components. The system impresses thanks to its compact design and complex algorithm. Starting from a recorded point cloud, it calculates the maximum inner circle, the so-called inscribed circle, from the measured values. This is crucial for the design of components: in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency, for example.

Contactless optical measuring method

The DISIONIC CIRCLE is the perfect solution for checking the maximum extension of an inner circle or the roundness of an object. The ease of use and compact design allow objects with diameters of 500-4000 mm to be measured with the highest precision. However, larger objects can also be captured and processed through extensions. Whether it is the design of rotors in fan systems or the concentricity testing of pipelines, the application areas of the DISIONIC CIRCLE are versatile and have proven successful across all industries.


  • Measuring circumscribed circle
  • Measuring inscribed circle
  • Measuring average diameter
  • Measuring concentricity


The compact design and innovative programming make the DISIONIC CIRCLE so unique. It impresses thanks to its intuitive operation and enables even unskilled workers to test components. Control is via the integrated touch screen. Simply clamp, turn and the product is there. Thanks to its small size and powerful battery, the device is also ideally equipped for mobile tasks. The data is output via USB interface, WIFI or Bluetooth and can be passed on for further data processing. Interchangeable measuring arms allow the power spectrum to be expanded in just a few simple steps. A charging station is supplied for charging the battery.


  • Measures all diameters from 500 up to 4000 mm
  • Touch screen with a display for measured values
  • Measured value acquisition in under 2 seconds
  • Interchangeable measuring arms for a wide range of diameters
  • Operation via rechargeable battery with charger

The benefits for you

  • Reliable system with tried and tested standard components established on the market
  • Fastest device on the market
  • Ideal post-process and in-process solution
  • Higher process reliability through a qualitative circumscribed circle, inscribed circle, mean diameter and concentricity evaluation
  • More efficient work
  • Mobile use possible

The fastest measuring device in its class

The DISIONIC CIRCLE is the fastest measuring device in its class, with a measured value output of a maximum of 2 seconds. The in-house algorithm is quick and reliable. The design is compact and made for mobile use. The option to customise and expand the system allows for an even broader range.

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