DISIONIC DENSITY: Latest generation density determination

The DISIONIC DENSITY is a metrological system designed for fast and highly accurate density determination for a wide range of components within a manufacturing environment.

This is achieved by combining the classic Archimedean principle, an innovative control concept and state-of-the-art system components. The entire measuring process is carried out automatically after the samples have been inserted into the universal component carriers. The specially developed in-house algorithm achieves accuracies in density determination that are usually not feasible in an industrial production environment by monitoring and taking into account numerous influencing factors from the environment.

Density determination right on the shop floor

The DISIONIC DENSITY is designed for use in a production environment and thus makes it possible for components to be inspected right on the shop floor. This creates greater transparency in the production process and enables the plant operator to react more quickly to undesirable developments within production. The inspection, which is independent of the worker, impresses with its high repeatability, even under difficult conditions. The possibility of carrying out the density determination independently of material and design means the DISIONIC DENSITY can be used successfully across all sectors. The high standard of the system is also reflected here. DISIONIC DENSITY has already been integrated into the medical technology sector and meets the high standards required for this industry.

Fully automated, precise and fast

DISIONIC DENSITY is also able to reliably determine the density of complex components and free forms. This is done with an accuracy of up to 0.001 g/cm³. The system is designed to eliminate disturbance variables of any kind and to determine the values correctly through the in-house algorithm, independent of environmental influences. The DISIONIC DENSITY, like every product in the DISIONIC LINE, is designed to be customised. Whether it’s individual measurement or testing as a 100 percent check, the DISIONIC DENSITY offers the right solution for everyone. The integrated handling system operates with high precision and guarantees high repeatability. It allows you to make your process reproducible.

The benefits for you

  • Greater transparency and more security for your process
  • High flexibility: We adapt the DISIONIC DENSITY standards exactly to your manufacturing process and to your requirements
  • Increase the quality of your products and your processes
  • Conserve resources by saving time, personnel and machine downtime
  • Increasing the efficiency of your production
  • Testing components on the shop floor
  • Recording statistics and logging processes for internal QM


  • Fully automated in a production environment
  • Measurement of free forms and complex components
  • Density determination with an accuracy of up to 0.001 g/cm³
  • High cycle speed
  • Control system for monitoring the environmental parameters
  • Fully automated data processing
  • Complex in-house algorithm
  • Approved for use in medical technology
  • Scalable and expandable system

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By using them on your shop floor, you get the opportunity to make better use of your resources. Elaborate and time-consuming examinations of micrographs are no longer needed and the automated process takes the pressure off the laboratories. The resources gained in this way enable the reduction of production downtimes and thus increase the productivity of your company. The combination of properties and the possibility of fully automated and production-related testing make this system unique on the market.

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