DISIONIC PRESS: Fast, precise and automated pressing

The DISIONIC PRESS was developed for fully automated injection (cold welding) of components onto blanks but can be used for numerous tasks where it is necessary for a workpiece to be positioned and for it to be machined under high pressure. The DISIONIC PRESS relies on a perfectly coordinated interplay of the installed components: intelligent measuring technology, a high-precision positioning unit and a finely adjustable press with complete process monitoring.

Application areas of the automatic injection machine

Originally developed for the assembly of printed circuit boards, the DISIONIC PRESS can be adapted to all manufacturing processes that require precise positioning and a defined application of force. Shearing processes, stamping and prototyping are just as much a part of the DISIONIC PRESS as injecting itself. The integrated cross table ensures highly accurate positioning of the workpiece, the integrated measuring technology checks the components for correctness, presence, position and alignment and thus guarantees a reliable process for your shop floor.


The DISIONIC PRESS will win you over thanks to its robust construction and the choice of the right components. This gives the system a high longevity and a strong performance. The reliability of our systems is crucial for us, and this is where the DISIONIC PRESS scores over other products on the market. The combination of various measuring systems guarantees you a trouble-free and reliable manufacturing process. Like all products of the DISIONIC LINE, the DISIONIC PRESS also grants you a high degree of flexibility. This means that the system can be adapted to your production process and expanded with additional functions. Do you want to automate the process or do you prefer the partially automated solution with manual loading? The DISIONIC PRESS provides the right solution for your process.


  • Designed for fully automated production environments
  • Robust design
  • High flexibility
  • Process monitoring thanks to integrated measuring technology
  • Data processing for quality management

The benefits for you

  • Reliable system with tried and tested standard components established on the market
  • Greater transparency and more security for your process
  • Full control over the manufacturing process
  • High flexibility: We adapt the standards of the DISIONIC PRESS exactly to your manufacturing process
  • Increase the quality of your products through a reliable process
  • Recording statistics and logging processes for internal QM

Unique selling point

The combination of the system properties of the DISIONIC PRESS and the flexibility of the DISIONIC LINE make the system a unique product on the market and help the system to achieve great success in a wide range of industries. The innovative concept is almost unrivalled and will win you over due to its enormously high reliability.

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