Special solutions: special machines and custom systems

As an industrial company, you need technical systems that do not yet exist on the market or that are not tailored to your prerequisites and requirements. It’s for this purpose that we develop and implement customised solutions – from hand-held measuring devices through to entire production lines. 


We’ll support you in these fields of application, for example: 

  • Monitoring and testing your technical processes, e.g. in production 
  • Monitoring and checking the quality of your end products 
  • Monitoring and checking the quality of your suppliers’ products (incoming inspection) 
  • Optimisation and automation of your technical processes 
  • Final acceptance of individual technical systems 

Why special solutions from Dimensionics?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the fields of measurement and testing technology as well as automation, we are able to analyse highly complex problems and develop solution concepts precisely for your requirements. Our systems are established at numerous companies in a wide range of industries. 

Dimensionics stands for quality, and this is also reflected in our choice of components. We rely on sustainable components from established manufacturers and benefit from long-standing co-operations. 

We work closely with our customers in developing new systems: You know your objective and what you want to achieve. From this, we derive the specific task, develop the solution approach and implement it step by step. Our common goal is to achieve the best possible result for your requirements. 

Welding system developed by Dimensionics:
Part of a production line for fully automated welding & bolting including parts handling and quality monitoring.


Practical examples

The areas of application and industries for our systems are just as versatile as the machines themselves. To give you an idea of the range of the products we have developed, we would like to introduce you to some of the projects we have produced over the years. 


Fully automated welding

The automation of processes is an integral part of the current development of manufacturing processes. For a large supplier to the automotive industry, the task was to develop a section of a production line that bolts components fully automatically and carries out welding processes at defined points. Together with our partners in the field of automation, a system was developed that makes it possible to handle the complex components and successfully implement the individual steps in the processes. The complexity of the task was primarily in the control and regulation of sub-processes and their successful interaction. The integrated measuring technology monitors the process and makes it more transparent and comprehensible for the customer. The documentation of the processes and the preparation of the measured values and results takes place within the system and can be easily transferred to higher-level ERP systems. 


High-precision positioning of a nozzle

For the coating of foils, it is essential that the working nozzle is fed with high precision. The basic task of the system we developed was to position a manually inserted and tensioned nozzle with an accuracy of one micrometre. Not only should the translational infeed be secured, but also a possible rotation should be compensated for. Another task was to make the system ATEX-compliant. A complex tactile solution was requested and successfully executed. The algorithm we have developed enables all parameters and influencing factors to be recorded and processed and guarantees high precision even under difficult conditions. 


Wiring aid as manual workstation

Our goal is to create optimal working conditions for our customers and their employees. The task in this case was to optimise the process of manually wiring circuit boards. The individual plates are made by hand, with wires the thickness of a hair and soldering points barely visible to the naked eye. In order to simplify this difficult task, a workstation was developed at which the worker is given optimal working conditions through a microscope. So that the worker does not have to control the individual points manually, a cross table was installed that uses an algorithm developed by us to control the position to be wired and to position the plate precisely to the micrometre. The worker can move to the next machining point by simply tapping a pedal. The system saves the progress and enables direct re-entry into the production process even during shift changes. 


Fully automated measuring of beer kegs

The demand for ever more precise manufacturing and the associated documentation of results can also be found in one of Germany's most popular industries: beer brewing. In this case, the task was to randomly measure barrels that had been rolled and formed from sheet metal for external characteristics. The system relied on the optimised interaction of optical and tactile measuring technology. 

After successful insertion, the barrel is moved to the alignment position by means of a gantry and a vacuum suction cup. Due to existing mirror shadows and a weld seam and the fact that a tactile measurement is taken on the surface, it is important that the barrel is aligned precisely. Probing at these measuring points would result in an incorrect assessment of the barrel with regard to various characteristic values. These features are detected by an image processing algorithm developed by us and enables the detection of the interference fields on a wide variety of colour spectra. From raw barrel measurement to a wide variety of colour and contrast levels, mirror shadows can be captured and the barrel aligned accordingly. This is followed by a complete tactile measurement, in which the system also implements complex measurement processes thanks to its sophisticated control concept. While the barrel is still being diverted back onto the conveyor belt, all the data is already processed for quality management and can be forwarded to a higher-level ERP system. 

Example project flow

A reliable process is very important for your project. All steps must be interlocked. That's why Dimensionics delivers the complete solution, from concept to finished machine. This is how we guarantee the best quality and reliability of your special system. 


Request: The beginning of everything

Every project is based on a fundamental task: a problem in production, new requirements from a customer or the desire to make one’s own processes more transparent for in-house quality management. Your concern is to find a solution and that’s where DIMENSIONICS comes in. We support and advise you and discuss the facts of your task with you. Describe your wishes or explain to us what you want to optimise in your process. Our team develops a tailor-made strategy for your task and creates a suitable offer for you. 


Feasibility study: Security for your investment

Special solutions are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. It is important to be sure in advance that the solution can be successfully implemented. That is why we offer you a feasibility study at the beginning of a project. As part of this, our team analyses your task and all the facts at hand down to the smallest detail. We meticulously check existing information material and the written specifications. Don't have specifications yet? This can be supplemented within the feasibility study; we would be happy to support you in this. Subsequently, our engineers check the feasibility by means of theoretical simulations and practical tests. Every result is documented and finally handed over to you as the client. The benefits for you: You gain security, eliminate doubts and commission your investment on a sound basis. 


Conceptual design: The basic framework for your solution

Our team develops the right solution concept for you based on your requirements, from manual workstations to fully automated production lines. Are you still unsure about the final level of automation for your system? We can work this out together with you too. 

Our best employees from the areas of design, electrical planning, measurement and testing technology as well as software development and automation work together on the conceptual design. They lay the foundations for further action within the project. The goal is to develop a viable idea for your solution that you are 100 per cent convinced of. 

Development: From planning to construction to production

Once the concept is in place, the development phase begins. Precise planning and testing are crucial for success. Our design engineers design the mechanical and electrical components, develop the automation concept, install the measuring technology, programme measurement programmes and carry out series of tests. 

All steps are precisely coordinated. As a result, we work together with our clients in a targeted way, provide ongoing information on the progress of the project and, in the event of unforeseen hurdles, coordinate closely with the client in order to arrive at a solution efficiently. 

At the end of the development phase, the system is made reality and the machine is manufactured. Our systems are manufactured and assembled in-house. That’s how we ensure the highest quality and reliability – the Dimensionics customer promise. 

Programming and networking: User interface and system integration

The plant control software – developed in house – is characterised by user-friendly user interfaces based on your requirements. Our programmers create a screen design (layout) for you, which has been specifically tailored to your respective application. 

In addition to being easy to use and having a good overview, the software also offers numerous individual features. We prepare visuals of the process for you so that you can identify the ongoing process step at any time and check its result. 

Our software is modular, meaning that different function levels or features can be adapted for you. This includes, for example, making it possible to adjust it and set parameters, assigning user rights, designing individual protocols, in-house inspection plans and evaluation functions for processes and end products. In addition, at the customer’s request, we can also provide a toolkit, with which you can define your own formulae or test orders. 


Of course, we ensure seamless integration into your existing network or ERP system, e.g. SAP, Windows Server, etc. The interfaces are designed closely with our customer so that a seamless integration can take place. By integrating scanners and a stored database, different user levels can also be created. Different access rights allow you to further adapt the software to your processes. Whether they’re an administrator, in maintenance or a simple worker, each worker is identified automatically and provided with the appropriate working environment. 

Quality assurance: a cornerstone for Industry 4.0

All our systems are designed to optimally support your quality management. For this purpose, all measurement data is logged, stored, processed and managed and can subsequently be forwarded to a higher-level ERP system. 

We create test orders, define the measuring and testing technology and develop control and schedule programmes for the purpose of optimising your processes and increasing the quality of your end products. 

All data can be put into reports according to the customer's requirements and, if necessary, printed as a label. 

Customer care: your satisfaction is important to us!

Our job does not end when the machine is delivered. We also remain the point of contact for our customers in the application phase. In addition to comprehensive system documentation, you will receive competent support from us during commissioning. 

We also offer staff training, which is particularly important in the introductory phase. Our supervisors are on site and will set up your employees in the best possible way so that they can be confident in dealing with the new system. 

You can also rely on us while your machine is in operation. For quick assistance, we offer the option of remote maintenance or remote support for your machine operators at any time.