Dimensionics – a success story in measuring and testing technology

From start-up to global company

“If you can describe it, then it can be built!” This sentence from a customer, as amazing as it is simple, marks a milestone in our company history. That’s because originally, as a start-up founded in 2010, we had a different focus.

Founder Jan Wenzel, an ambitious tinkerer and metrology enthusiast, and his brother Jörg initially concentrated on theoretical work and practical programming on existing systems. As measurement brokers, they brought metrological enquiries from customers together with existing solutions.

For this, test tasks had to be formulated precisely. That’s why they also wrote specifications and requirements – apparently so well that the statement quoted above was made. And with it the “penny” for the founder: he is continuing to develop Dimensionics into a company that designs and manufactures its own solutions.

Today, our small start-up of yesteryear has become a global specialist that sets standards in measuring and testing technology: from high-quality standard products to special solutions and complete automation solutions, we can serve the most diverse requirements of our customers.

Our customer promise: we want you to succeed!

It's as simple as that: with our products and solutions, we will do everything to ensure that your processes and products are successful. Our standard products are of the highest quality, and we develop our customised solutions with a great deal of expertise and passion. We won't stop grafting until we have your perfect solution.

Tailoring is in the blood of our specialist teams. That’s because every customer, every requirement, every process is different. It is our ambition and our claim that we can find a smart solution even for highly complex tasks.

The foundation for this is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, innovative thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation. Our teams of engineers, programmers, mechanics, etc. are extremely well coordinated. In addition, you as the customer are closely involved in the development of the system. The result is impressive: so far, our success rate is 100 per cent.

You can also rely on us when it comes to support: customer service works in a targeted and motivated manner to provide you with the best possible support, even during ongoing operations.

We set standards

  • Multi-location measuring technology
  • Measuring and testing machines
  • Measuring devices
  • Optical 3D measuring technology
  • Image processing

We see ourselves as a local employer and as solutions provider that is close to the customer

Part of Jan Wenzel's vision was to strengthen the economy in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. When the founding location, the Technologie Zentrum Warnemünde, had become too small, Dimensionics stayed in the region and started up its production site in Kessin in 2014. Regional skilled workers should be given the opportunity to stay in their home towns and to work on innovative concepts in an exciting growth market.

At the same time, Dimensionics also has its sights set on customers and Germany’s mechanical engineering centre in the southwest. That is why today the headquarters are in Esslingen near Stuttgart. Sales operate from here, close to the customers and with easier access to global markets.

Working at Dimensionics: informal and visionary

The start-up smell has not gone away yet, even though Dimensionics has now become an established medium-sized company whose name is associated with high-quality solutions worldwide. Following a growth spurt, we currently have 13 employees working here: engineers, programmers, precision mechanics, etc.

The work here is ambitious and innovative, and the way we interact with each other informal and relaxed. This inspiring atmosphere contributes significantly to the success of Dimensionics.

Katrin Sternberg

„Dimensionics is as passionate about meeting the needs of its employees as it is about meeting the needs of your customers. It's fun to work with these colleagues and be part of this team.“

Katrin Sternberg | Accounting, Administration