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Bearing play detected tactilely

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Fully automated radial bearing clearance measurement


The system is used for high-precision testing of the radial bearing clearance of rolling bearings, especially cylindrical roller bearings, in accordance with ISO 1132-2. It impresses above all with its speed and precision. The system has been developed for fully automated operation in a production environment. The loading and unloading of components can also be fully automated through expansion options, thus offering the user the possibility of integrating the system into existing production lines.

One advantage of the system is its high flexibility. It currently supports 645 different storage types that can be inspected fully automatically. However, this number can be adapted and expanded to include additional storage types at the customer's request. To make your process secure, the system takes over the qualitative assessment of your warehouses. The system scores particularly well with precision and speed.

The repeatability of the measurements is
unrivalled 0.4 μm, with a maximum cycle time of 28 seconds per workpiece. To measure the enormously wide range of different bearing types, it only requires the conversion of a maximum of 2 components.

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Main focus of the projects

  • Developed for fully automated production environments
  • Measurement of radial bearing clearance according to ISO 1132-2 section 16.1 method A
  • Very high variant diversity - designed for 645 different bearing types
  • Internal clearance of cylindrical roller bearings with 0.4 μm repeat accuracy
  • Cycle time of max. 28 seconds per component
  • Statistical recording & logging of processes for internal QM
  • Reliable system with proven standard components established on the market
  • More transparency for your process
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