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The density platform offers many industries the possibility to optimise their density determination process. The different challenges of each industry are enabled by individual adaptations. The determination of mass density is essential at many points in industrial production and quality control. Here Dimensionics Density GmbH sets new standards with an innovation. The company is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer the market a comprehensive system for automated density determination: DIMENSIONICS DENSITY.

The advantages of automation are obvious: far faster processes, highly accurate results thanks to the elimination of external disturbance variables, extreme repeatability and stable measuring processes independent of the worker. The system thus increases efficiency in production and quality control.


The right solution for every application

Dimensionics Density is an expert in automated density determination. Learn more about our systems, the advantages for your process and the possibilities that the integration of the density platform offers you.

We would like to share our experience with you. Benefit from our know-how and let us optimise existing processes together.

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Areas of application

Keramisches Sintern Technische Keramiken

Technical ceramics


Today, technical ceramics are of great importance in various industries. Some applications in which metals were previously used are now being replaced by ceramic materials. The advantages lie in the properties and versatility of ceramics and are specific to each application.

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Pulvermetallurgisches Sintern

Powder metallurgical sintering


For powder metallurgical sintering processes, the powdery starting material is first pressed into the desired shape in the tool of a powder press. The pressed part thus formed, also called the green part, is then sintered in the furnace according to a specific temperature curve in order to achieve the final hardness and strength and to obtain the final component

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Ceramic Injection Molding und Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding

Metal and ceramic injection molding are sub-areas of sintering, but their importance in production has taken on a special significance. Mim and Cim components have the same density and mechanical properties as turned parts, but the manufacturing process has advantages..  

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Additive Fertigung

Additive Manufacturing (AM)


Today, additive manufacturing (AM) is not only an established technology for prototyping, but is also widely used for the mass production of end-use parts. parts in series. With the growth of AM as a production tool, the entire AM process chain is being put to the test.

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System properties

Precise & traceable measurement results

Repeatable and traceable green density (up to 0.001 g/cm³)

Short cycle time

Reduction of machine downtimes through density determination in less than 2 minutes

Use in manufacturing

The density platform is designed for use directly in the production environment

Automation options

Dimensionics Density can be integrated into existing processes and adapted through numerous extensions

Process parameterisation

Through the integration in the production you can parameterise your processes directly and immediately


Dimensionics Density  supports you from the initial idea, through design to on-site commissioning. But we also support you as a partner.

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