The history of Dimensionics

From an idea to the finished product: Just like our systems, the Dimensionics company was also born out of a thought experiment. The basic idea was to give engineers from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the opportunity to offer a regional contact point and to work together with the big companies. Step by step, Dimensionics then developed into an expert for solutions in the field of special applications & special machine construction. Today, we are established on the market and can look back on numerous partnerships and successful products. But this path has also been arduous and reflects the will of every single employee to create something great here.

Foundation of Dimensionics GmbH

With a great deal of passion, Jan Wenzel founds Dimensionics GmbH with the aim of advising customers on their choice of measurement technology. One of the first projects is the self-developed measurement broker.


Gründung Dimensionics GmbH
jan und jörg wenzel 2


Brother Jörg Wenzel strengthens the company  

After the merger of the Wenzel brothers, the office in the Warnemünde Technology Centre is used for customer support. Writing specifications and small programming tasks are the order of the day. This "apprenticeship" is used to build up contacts in the regional area.

Conversion to own systems 

After several specifications, the decisive sentence came: "If you can describe it, then build it. This milestone marked the beginning of the change from a simple engineering service provider to a fully-fledged development company.


Über Uns komplexere Systeme
Über uns Wachstum und Messtechnik Spezialisierung


Growth in the company

Ever larger orders and a growing customer base require more employees. Dimensionics is growing continuously and specialises in the field of measurement technology. The development of metrological concepts and the reading and processing of sensor data is the focus.

Dimensionics at Motek & Control  

After small trade fair appearances at the Rostock supplier fair, as well as the NordTec in Hamburg, the Dimensionics company presents itself for the first time at measurement technology trade fairs. Control and Motek were great successes. Customer relationships were established here that still exist today.


Über Uns Messe Control Motek 2
Über Uns Dimensionics Standort Kessin


The old home quickly becomes too small

Due to the more complex and ever larger systems, the office in Warnemünde quickly becomes too small. A move is imminent and Dimensionics establishes the production site in Kessin. The focus expands to the area of special solutions & special machines.

First plant abroad 

Dimensionics operates internationally for the first time. The first systems are installed in other EU countries. More will follow, but from this point on it is clear: Dimensionics also wants to be represented internationally.


über uns Messautomat Verdrahtungshilfe
Über Uns DISIONIC PRO LINE Halbzeugvvermessung+


The start of the DISIONIC line  

With the DISIONIC CASE, the DISIONIC TABLE and the DISIONIC CIRCLE, three products of our in-house product line are already ready for the market. All systems are the result of concrete enquiries and a view to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Automation as a new focus  

Due to the growing complexity of the tasks and the resulting measurement concepts, the actuator technology had to adapt to the sensor technology. A development of both areas hand in hand was the result and the entry into the field of process automation. 


Über Uns Spezialisten für Automation
Über uns Gewinner großer Preis des Mittelstandes Dimensionics GmbH


Grand Prize of the Medium-Sized Businesses 

In 2017, only 7 years after the official foundation of the company, Dimensionics can be pleased about the nomination for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes", due to the steady development of the company.

Dimensionics leaves the EU for the first time 

For the first time, a complex system is developed for a partner outside the European Union. In November 2017, the first Dimensionics plant on the Asian continent is commissioned in Singapore.


Über Uns Verdrahtungshilfe 2.0
Über uns Dimensionics Disionic Linie Lager Vermessung


The expansion of the standard product line 

In 2017 Dimensionics receives various enquiries, the implementation of which results in standard products for our successful DISIONIC LINE. It is the birth of the DISIONIC PRESS, DISIONIC BEARING, DISIONIC LEAKAGE and the DISIONIC SENSOR. Even though the developments are still ongoing, 2017 has been the most productive year for our successful product line. This was followed by some customised developments for well-known large companies that benefit from these new systems.

Dimensionics as a training company

The basic idea of strengthening one's own region runs like a red thread through Dimensionics' company history. In 2018, the next step will be taken: DIMENSIONICS will become a training company. The versatility of the applications and the scope of insights enable young people to gain a wide range of experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics and sensor technology.


Über Uns Projekt China


Dimensionics goes to China

The largest project in the history of Dimensionics GmbH to date will culminate in 2019. Two identical plants, planned as partial lines of a production line, will be developed and completed in parallel. While one plant will be used in Germany, its twin will be shipped to China.


A specific enquiry set the ball rolling. The fully automated determination of density in a production environment as an interesting task, a motivated team to solve this task and the support of the state and federal government made the development of DIMENSIONICS DENSITY possible. The high demand and the enormous potential of the system led to the spin-off of DIMENSIONICS DENSITY GmbH. This should enable our customers to get the best support around the topic of density determination.


Über uns Dimensionics Density Gründung